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Margate and Broadstairs

Thanks to the high-speed rail link from King’s Cross, in a little over 90 minutes you can now arrive on the beach in Margate and the hometown of Tracey Emin. The infamous YBA has supported Margate’s return to fame, with the opening of the Margate Turner Contemporary gallery and more recently, the Limbo arts space. But it’s the re-opening of The Dreamland theme park in Easter 2015, once home to Europe’s largest big wheel, which will put the Thanet coast’s crowning jewel back on top.

If you can’t wait till then there’s plenty of arcades to get your gun tote on, and The Shell Grotto situated up a suburban cull-de-sac is definitely worth a visit. Part museum, part installation, and part eccentric attraction – as you stroll through its subterranean hallways and chambers clad in shells, you just have to ask – why?

After a day in the arcades and mooching round the cobbled back streets with cupcake in hand, why not take a short bus journey round the bay to Broadstairs. Famed for its sandy coved beach, just be sure to take your multi-coloured windbreaker. And at the end of the day catch one of the Thanet’s coast sunsets, noted by many to be the most special in Europe.

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