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120 minutes from London! No doubt about it, Deal is the real looker of the Kent coastline. A quiet seaside resort, nestled on a 15-mile stretch of beach extending North to Pegwell Bay in Ramsgate down to St Margaret’s Bay in Dover – plus, there’s a battered mini-golf to boot. What’s not to like. Walk out along Deal’s 300m architectural pier; the last remaining fully intact leisure pier in Kent and glance back to the shoreline and its rugged charm is laid bare.

Yes Deal is a little 1950s. And yes, its high street needs a little updating with a few more independents. But what makes Deal an essential 120 From® destination is its strong sense of community, similar to that found in Cornwall’s Mousehole. Deal has its annual Boxing Day swim, pop-up dining clubs, quaint teashops, and Northern Soul lates over at the Astor Community Theatre. And of course, if you need some help with the local history, the blue rinse brigade are only to happy to help whilst chowing down on their almond coated nicker blocker glories.

120 From® is a lifestyle platform dedicated to weekend escapes 120 minutes from global cities. We offer inspiration, in-transit audio, and essential apparel all to make the most of your weekend.

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