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Shepdog (NICE UP! Records) x Eastbourne

Shepdog’s NICE UP! records is an apt name from one of the nicest men you are likely to meet. His imprint takes the rich history of sound system culture and puts it back out onto a modern dance floor, becoming famed for some of the biggest reggae mash-ups ever seen. His re-rubs find artists such as The Gossip, MIA, Gorillaz, Dub Pistols and Dee-Lite rubbing shoulders with authentic reggae and dancehall sounds. You can find Shepdog putting the world-class sound system at Spiritland through it paces, and bringing joy to most festivals across the summer months.

Shepdog’s seminal 120From® ‘In Transit’ playlist down to Eastbourne is one to be enjoyed top down or windows open; a summertime crowd pleaser from the T-O-P. From Snoop Dog and Caribou, into the sophisticated party vibes of Bonobo’s ‘Flashlight’, easing into Britain’s sunniest town with the finest psychedelia and folktronica. Shepdog, we salute you!

You can hear more from Shepdog here.

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