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Martyn Ware (Heaven 17) x Southwold and Aldeburgh

Martyn Ware is a cultural icon. There, we said it. Founding member of Heaven 17, responsible for seminal classics such as ‘Temptation’, today we find him in the studio working on Heaven 17’s first album in 14 years. While other bands dropped ‘Karma Chameleon’, Martyn’s band of synthpop prophets delivered a commentary on the world that still rings true today. Alongside his music, Martyn continues to push at the boundaries of audio with trailblazing Internet radio and physical sound-design projects at happenings across the planet.

Martyn kindly gifts us a truly epic 120 From® ‘In Transit’ playlist that defined a generation; no matter what the weather, this will put the sun back into your journey to Southwold and Aldeburgh. Expect magic from Soft Cell, the head nodding worldwide anthem ‘Moskow Diskow’, sitting alongside delights from Blancmange. We roll into our destination with a smile on our faces and our dancing shoes on courtesy of David Bowie. Martyn, we thank you.

You can listen to more from Martyn here.

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