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Daniel Barnes (FAD) x Isle of Wight

Heralding from the great Isle itself, one time actual philosopher, Daniel is now a famed journalist focussing on the relationship between culture and capitalism. He loves pop – that is all – so it will come as no surprise that he thinks Britpop was the best invention – ever. His soundtrack reminisces over those magical moments spent staring out of train and ferry windows, absorbing himself into the songs that have marked happy milestones in his life.

Daniel’s 120 From® ‘In Transit’ playlist is one massive National Lampoon indie style sing-a-long packed with classics for a family weekend, or the 40-something Dad imagining himself into an episode of Top Gear. Bustling out of the city with a Britpop battle between Blur and Oasis. Leonard Cohen then ushers in the open road half way through, while The Dresden Dolls and RiFF Raff & DOLLABiLLGATES wind us into our short vacation and harbour side resting retreat.

You can read Daniel’s musings for FAD here.


120 From® is a lifestyle platform dedicated to weekend escapes 120 minutes from global cities. We offer inspiration, in-transit audio, and essential apparel all to make the most of your weekend.

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