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Apiento (Test Pressing) x Dungeness

Apiento, aka Paul Byrne, runs the Test Pressing website which has quickly become the go to destination for the Balearic Disco scene. When he is not providing the soundtrack to sun down in Ibiza you can find him playing hotel lobbies and online radio stations the world over, DJing and producing as Apiento and Open Source alongside Andrew Hale from Sade. His critically acclaimed and now underground classic ‘The Orange Place’, has even graced Andy Weatherall’s noteworthy ‘Masterpiece’ mix.

Apiento re-imagines the atmosphere of his favourite Balearic bar for his 120 From® ‘In Transit’ playlist down to Dungeness. Opening with soothing tracks from Prefab Sprout, Nautic and Joan Bibiloni – before rare funk 45s prepare us 21st century staycationers for the desert of England. This is one road trip playlist that can be played in your railway carriage, houseboat, chapel or dome – practically anywhere Dungeness has to offer.

You can get more from Apiento here.


120 From® is a lifestyle platform dedicated to weekend escapes 120 minutes from global cities. We offer inspiration, in-transit audio, and essential apparel all to make the most of your weekend.

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